Coordinator Application for a “Single Event or Celebration”
with Temporary Food Establishments

Coordinator Applications must be received 2 weeks before the event to avoid a late fee ($100.00).  If submitting a late application online, you are required to pay the late fee online which would be $100 plus an online transaction fee of $3.29.  If you would rather pay by mail or in person, you can print the form and send it in with the payment.

TX Health & Safety Code Chapter 437; TX Health & Safety Code Chapter 121; NET Health District Order 2016-2

A “single event or celebration” occurs at one location once a month or less frequently. Events or activities that occur daily, weekly, or more frequently than once a month at a location are considered continuous operations and do not constitute a “single event or celebration”.

An activity must be recognized as a “single event or celebration” by our Environmental Health Department before a food vendor may apply to set up for the event. A Temporary Food Establishment may operate only in conjunction with a “single event or celebration” at a fixed location for a period of time not to exceed fourteen (14) consecutive days.

The coordinator of the event is responsible for crowd control, trash control, connection to utilities, toilet facilities and traffic control. Coordinator Applications should be submitted 30 days prior to a “single event or celebration” to allow time for proper communication ahead of the event. Coordinator Applications submitted within 2 two weeks of the event are subject to late fees being assessed for expedited processing of paperwork.

A diagram of the layout of the event and identification of items 6 through 15 must be submitted with this application.

Please contact your City or County as other permits needing approval are required.

Upload a diagram of the layout of the event (*required)

Event Information

Coordinator(s) Responsible for the Single Event or Celebration

Coordinator on-site and how he/she can be contacted during entire event

Statement: I hereby certify that the above information is correct, and I fully understand that any deviation from the above without prior permission from the Northeast Texas Public Health District may nullify final approval.

Approval of these plans and specifications by our Environmental Health Department does not indicate compliance with any other code, law or regulation that may be required (i.e., federal, state or local).

An applicant for approval of a “Single Event or Celebration” must agree with the Northeast Texas Public Health District, as its officers and employees are indemnified against all claims of injury or damage to persons or property, whether public or private, arising out of “A Single Event or Celebration” or the “Temporary Food Establishment” operating in conjunction with a “Single Event or Celebration”.

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