Guidance for Event Coordinators

Are you thinking of hosting or coordinating an event?

Each year thousands of people attend festivals, firework displays, carnivals, and runs.  Many times foods and beverages are offered to the public at these events.  In an effort to keep our food chain and our communities safe and healthy the Event Plans are reviewed and inspections are conducted of each Temporary Food Establishment.   The Temporary Food Vendors - What you need to know to obtain a permit!  brochure is a useful tool to determine what it will take to serve the foods desired.  

In order to host these types of events, the designated coordinator needs to ensure the following 3 documents are completed for the local health department when food or beverages will be offered to the public:

The organizer of a single event or celebration where food is to be provided must complete an Event Coordinator Application. This form provides necessary information to support the single event or celebration and designate the recognized food vendors.

Plan Ahead! 

A deadline of 2 weeks prior to the event date has been placed on timely application submittal for the Event Coordinator Application to ensure ample time given to review the plans for necessary sanitation controls are planned for and also to ensure that all food vendors are given the opportunity to submit their food vendor application in for review in a timely manner.  Applications submitted less than two weeks prior to the date of the single event or celebration will be assessed a $100.00 administrative late fee.

The food vendor(s) is/are responsible for submitting the Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application.

Are you Serving Food or Beverages at a local single event or celebration?

Most  foods and beverages served to the public an inspection and a permit to review where the food comes from and how it is being prepared safely. 

To learn more about what you need to know to obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit, download theTemporary Food Vendors - What you need to know to obtain a permit! brochure

All Temporary Food Establishment Permits must be submitted at least one week prior to the event. This time is necessary to review the application to determine the types of foods proposed and conditions under which the foods will be stored, prepared and served. A Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application submitted less than one week prior to the single event or celebration will be assessed a $100.00 administrative late fee.

In an effort to help food vendors setup successfully and prepare for the permitting inspection the diagram below explains much of what is expected for food booths cooking and handling foods at a single event or celebration.  A Temporary Food Vendor Guidance Document has been created to assist in determining what type of setup is needed for different styles of service for an event in Smith County.  

Raw seafood and raw poultry are discouraged in a temporary event setting because they are considered to be higher risk for causing foodborne illness foods and do have additional rules and requirements if it is planned to be on the menu.  Please review the following complex menu document. Complex Food Preparation - Temporary Food Establishment (06-22).pdf

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