Retail Food Establishments

(i.e., restaurants, food trucks, temporary events, push carts, Farmers' Markets)

Our Environmental Health Department performs services within all of Smith County and areas within the City Limits of Bullard.

All open foods or beverages & foods that require temperature/time control for safety offered to the public for consumption regardless of monetary transaction are subject to inspections and permits. 

Examples include restaurants, cafeterias, convenience stores, retail food outlets, caterers, temporary food vendors, mobile food units, and farmers market vendors.

Retail "Fixed" Food 

If you prepared or consumed an item that is part of an active food recall, click for more information.

Persons who suspect possible Food Borne Illness (FBI) should complete this FBI Complaint Form.

Info About the Plan Review Process

Apply for a Plan Review of Your Establishment

Info About Basic Food Handler Certification

Info About Certified Food Manager Certification

Voluntary Certified Food Manager Registration

Rules of Production for Cottage Foods

Temporary Events (one-day only or annual events)

Coordinator Application for a Single Event

Temporary Food Vendor Permit Application

Guidance for Vendors at Temporary Events

Important Details About Temporary Events

Mobile Food Units (i.e., food trucks and push carts)

General Information Manual

Mobile Food Establishment - Plan Review

Application to Create a Food Truck Park

Central Preparation - Commissary Agreement

Permitted Mobile Food Units in Smith County

Farmers Market Applications

Application to be a Farmers Market Coordinator

Application to be a Farmers Market Vendor

Below Are For Reference Purposes Only

Overview of the Plan Review Process

Guidance Document for Your Plan Review

NSF Plan Review Calculator

Additional Resources for Operators of Retail Food Establishments, Mobile Food Units, and/or Temporary Food Establishments

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