Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application

Food/Beverage Vendors, please read the following:

If you submit this form online, you are required to pay the registration fee online plus a 2.9% + $0.30 online transaction fee.  If you would rather pay by mail or in person, you can print the form and send it with the payment.

Upload your Texas Sales Tax ID and Photo ID (*required)

Fee Schedule

Must upload non-profit documents

Applicant/Owner Information:

Event Information

Coordinator Responsible for the Single Event or Celebration

Menu Information

Important Notices!

  • All foods offered to the public must be purchased from an approved source & proof must be available.
  • All manufactured foods must be properly labeled, per the Food and Drug Administration and purchase receipts are required.
  • All proposed food products must be pre-approved by our Environmental Health Department prior to the opening of the food establishment.
  • Complex menus or high risk foods* that require time or temperature control for safety shall require special approval.

    * High Risk Food = raw poultry, raw seafood, or foods traveling greater than one hour to the event location

1. Food/Beverage Product Name
2. Place of Purchase - Reciepts must be available
3. Equipment for Preparing Food

I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Temporary Food Establishment Guidance Document and understand that failure to meet provisions for a temporary food establishment described in the NET Health District Order 2016-2 can result incitations for violations and penalties to be assessed in court.

I certify that all facts stated in this application are true and correct. For any questions or concerns, please contact our Environmental Health Department at (903) 535 - 0037.

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