Community Wellness

The Community Wellness Department provides breast & cervical screenings to uninsured East Texas women through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program (BCCS), builds bridges to connect local health resources with all residents of Smith County, addresses policy changes and systems improvements for disparate populations, and champions increased access to basic wellness programs to persons seeking to improve their personal health.

Environmental Health

Environmental Health (EH) is a corner stone of public health and a key component in disease prevention. Registered Sanitarians and Environmental Health Specialists use their scientific education and training to investigate, evaluate, and eliminate environmental conditions harmful to people and communities. EH Specialists perform health inspections, investigate complaints and provide assistance through health education. 

Immunizations and Tuberculosis Control

The Immunization Program promotes routine immunization, ensures access to low cost immunization services, monitors TB (tuberculosis) cases, maintains an immunization registry, and assesses immunization coverage levels in clinics, schools, and child care facilities.

Laboratory Services

The Northeast Texas Regional Laboratory performs environmental, analytical and medical testing services in order to provide valid data to those who are making decisions about how best to protect public health.

NET Health Center for Healthy Living

Formerly the City of Tyler's Firestation #5 on Frankston Highway, free sessions are offered for self-management of chronic conditions such as Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  "The Center" connects uninsured residents with access to primary medical care through our CommUNITY Cares Program, and holds several free workshops that educate attendees about basic health reminders that support effective self-management techniques for chronic diseases such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. 

Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Disease Surviellance

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness Department (PHEP) partners with multiple local and regional agencies to ensure readiness for any community emergency.  Local and regional reports of infectious diseases from area public health services are received by the PHEP Department.  The PHEP Department prepares emergency response plans for a natural disaster or for a man-made catastrophe, such as a bioterrorism event. 

Vital Statistics

NET Health files certificates of birth for any individual who was born in the State of Texas and files certificates of death for immediate family members of deaths that occurred within the City of Tyler.

WIC (Women, Infants and Children)

The NET Health WIC Program has 21 clinics in 23 counties throughout East Texas.  The WIC program provides nutrition education and breastfeeding peer counseling to expectant mothers, fathers, and caregivers of children under the age of five.

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