Active COVID Cases as of Thursday February 2nd 2023


The “COVID-19 Community Spread Levels” infographic is a visual overview of the 7-Day Rolling Rate of COVID-19.

Positive cases of COVID-19 include rapid tests and PCR tests (Probable and Confirmed cases) among persons who physically live within the NET Health Disease Surveillance Division.

The NET Health 7-Day Rolling Rate calculates the average number of all COVID-positive cases from the previous seven days.  That answer is then divided by the population of the county, then multiplied by 100,000, and that final number is the 7-Day Rolling Rate. The numbers within the below infographic relate to persons of any age who tests positive, and that this infographic should not be used as the only base of information for businesses, neighborhoods, school districts, worksites, or cities to consider future decisions.

Number of East Texas residents with COVID-related illness in a Tyler-area hospital facility

This chart displays the number of East Texas residents who were hospitalized in Tyler with a COVID-related illness; the highest peak of 389 patients in Tyler area hospitals was reported to our Disease Surveillance Division on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021.

This chart was last updated on Thursday January 12th, 2022 and is updated weekly.

COVID-Positive Cases - updated as of January 5th 2023

COVID-Positive Cases - updated as of January 5th 2023

Below are the weekday COVID-19 dashboards - last updated on Thursday, January 26th, 2023.

Updates to the below dashboards that are posted on Mondays include the previous Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Updates on Thursdays include the previous Tuesday and Wednesday.

NET Health will be closed on Good Friday, April 7th 2023, and will reopen on Monday April 10th 2023.

** Only unduplicated persons are included within our statistical updates of confirmed COVID-positive lab results **

Smith County

Gregg County

Henderson County

Anderson County

Van Zandt County

Wood County

Rains County

Below are hyperlinks to several statewide and national sources of COVID-19 statistics.

GIS Maps and Trends of Worldwide COVID-19 cases compiled by Johns Hopkins University

GIS Map of COVID-19 cases confirmed by the Texas Department of State Health Services

County-Level Data on COVID-19 Tests by County, Hospitalization Capacity, Nursing Home Data, and County Trends

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