Advanced Disaster Life Support

ADLS® is an advanced practicum course for the trained BDLS® provider. It is an intensive, 2-day course that allows students to demonstrate competencies in casualty decontamination, specified essential skills, and mass casualty incident information systems/technology applications. Using simulated, all-hazards scenarios and mass causality incidents, ADLS® makes use of four interactive sessions in which participants treat simulated patients in various disaster drills and situations. Training is focused on the development of hands-on skills to allow participants to apply the knowledge learned in BDLS®.


For ADLS 3.0 each must successfully register and complete the PRE-ASSESSMENT TEST. There is a the pre-assessment is NOT GRADED but must be completed. ICS 100 and ICS200 are not required but are strongly recommended. The student will be required to complete and sign a “Release of Liability” form to be turned in on the first day of ADLS

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