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Infant mortality is a great concern for East Texas because maternal health is a significant contributing factor to infant mortality.

Maternal health is a significant contributing factor to infant mortality and the Healthy Me Healthy Babies Coalition is working together to help every baby have a happy and healthy first birthday. The mission of our coalition is to improve birth outcomes in East Texas through community education, engagement, partnerships and advocacy.

Our current focus is upon women of childbearing age who live within the zip codes of 75701 and 75702 (the majority of Tyler that is inside Loop 323). These areas were selected because women within these zip codes had the highest infant mortality rates from 2013 - 2015.  Out of every 1000 babies that were born during this three-year period, nine (9) of every 1000 births involved a baby who did not survive.  African-American women in these two zip codes experience the highest infant mortality rate, as compared to all other races, and our coalition invites you to join our activities that are aimed to lower these rates through pre-conception education, provider education and support, public engagement, and progress management.

To accomplish the goals, the Healthy Texas Babies Coalition seeks to help men and women of East Texas to take control of their future today. If there’s a baby in your future, even if it’s months or years from now, today matters.

The Healthy Me Healthy Babies Coalition includes membership from CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital, the March of Dimes Foundation, Tyler Family Circle of Care, Tyler City Council, Smith County Medical Society, Tyler Junior College, University of Texas at Tyler, NET Health, and concerned members of the community.

Take control. Stop smoking, eat right and exercise and do something about your stress. Whether you are a man or a woman, your health today is important - and even more important to the baby you might have someday.

The community can also become involved by attending our next monthly meeting, traditionally scheduled for the third Monday of each month, starting at 11:30 a.m.

You can receive login access to our monthly virtual meetings by sending an email to "[email protected]"

Announcements related to the meetings will be posted on our below communication channels:


To improve birth outcomes in East Texas.


Healthy Moms. Healthy Babies. Healthy Families. Healthy East Texas.


The goal of this intervention is to promote awareness about maternal and child health and the importance of preconception health. 


The goal of this intervention is to increase the coordination of care and management for pregnant and postpartum women.


The goal of this intervention is to change policies that have been identified as impediments to maternal and infant health.


March of Dimes                     

CDC Preconception Media Tools


Live Like a Dad

Someday Starts Now            

Healthy Texas Babies

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We Believe Inc.

Smith County Medical Society

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