Receive FREE Recognition as a Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite!!

The Texas Mother Friendly Program offers free recognition to companies that support women to express breastmilk while at the workplace.

Your company's Human Resources Director and/or your Employee Wellness Coordinator are encouraged to contact NET Health and learn how to create a worksite policy that directly addresses accommodations for your employees who are mothers of newborns, or how to update your existing worksite policy so that mothers of newborns can safely breastfeed their infant while at the worksite and/or to privately express breastmilk for storage while at their worksite.

This wonderful initiative supports your employees who are mothers of newborns and our WIC staff are able to present information about the program to your business. 

Below are companies in the Tyler area that are current Texas Mother Friendly Worksites:

Many employers may already meet the criteria to qualify as a Mother Friendly Worksite and can receive this free recognition if they offer a written employee worksite lactation policy that includes the following:

  1. Flexible work scheudles that include breaks in work patterns to provide time for expression of milk
  2. Access to a private room, that is not a bathroom, for the purpose of milk expression
  3. Access to a nearby clean and safe water source and a sink for washing hands and rinsing out breast pump equipment
  4. Access to hygienic storage options for mothers to safely store breastmilk 

Some of the benefits that are already evident from the free Texas Mother Friendly Program include:

For more information regarding the “how-to’s” of this Mother-Friendly Worksite initiative, and to learn how your company can apply to become a Mother-Friendly Worksite, contact us by calling (903) 593 - 8331 or sending an email to [email protected].

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